आज हम आपको बताएंगे बीमा के कुछ पॉइंट 

Shop Around


Make sure to compare rates and coverage from different insurance providers to get the best value for your insurance coverage

Look for Bundles


Bundling your auto insurance with other types of coverage, such as your renters or homeowners insurance, can often result in discounts and lower premiums

Raise Your Deductible


Increasing your deductible can result in lower premiums. Make sure you are comfortable with the amount you choose as you will be responsible for it if you file a claim

Monitor Your Credit Score


Insurers use credit scores as an indicator of how likely you are to file a claim. Good credit can often result in lower premiums

Take Advantage of Discounts


Ask your insurer what discounts are available, such as good driver discounts and discounts for safe vehicles

Review Your Coverage


Make sure you understand your coverage and what it includes. If you don’t need certain coverages, you can often reduce your premiums by eliminating them

Drive Safely


Safe driving can often result in discounts and lower premiums

Take a Defensive Driving Course


Taking a defensive driving course can often result in discounted rates

Pay Annually


Paying your premium in one annual amount can often result in discounts